Jacquees and Dej Loaf connect on “Deeper,” a sultry new track from their forthcoming Fuck a Friend Zone Mixtape. You can check out their certified slow jam below.

The new song finds Jacquees pleading with the “Try Me” performer to take whatever their relationship is to the next level. In other words, he wants the two of them to go “Deeper.” Over a “Nice and Slow”-esque instrumental, the Cash Money crooner sings, “I know some girls that’s gon’ feel dissed/But as I write I’m gon’ take my shot and won’t miss.”

The only problem for Jacquees is that Dej isn’t all the way on the relationship train–at least not yet. “Why you gotta be so extra,” she sings during her verse. “I’m feeling you too it’s just too much pressure.” Through the first half of Dej’s verse, it doesn’t seem like Jacquees is going anywhere, but there’s still hope.

Though Dej is reluctant at first, by the end of “Deeper,” she has resolved to “stop running” and dive head first into a romance with Jacquees, bringing the saga of their romance to a close.

“Deeper” is just one of several songs from Dej and Jacquees’ Fuck a Friend Zone mixtape, which is set to be released a bit later today (Feb. 10). Fans can stream the project here when it drops later today.



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Vanessa_Murua1's picture

You sure have one of a kind voice...I read comments on how people compare you to others but everyone is unique & you sure brought something new in. I aint nobody for motivation but keep up whatever it is you doing because you're killing the game! 

#CashMoneyRecords #StunnaBrand 

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continue doing good work and keep God first,, there not one day that I don't listen to your music...I cant wait till the day I finally get to meet you muahh

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I love u jacquees the most your music really makes my day and that's all i really be wanting to listen to. You have to get more tour dates and add me on snapchat@tititurnt. I really want to meet u and btw ur super cute